Our preschool was founded over 30 years ago as a ministry of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church. Our facilities feature spacious, bright, and modern classrooms, a fenced playground, an educated and qualified teaching staff with over 100 years combined teaching experience, and a classroom ratio of 1:10.  We place emphasis throughout the curriculum in Reading, Art, Math, and Science, or RAMS. St. Alban’s Christian Learning Center presents these elements in a group setting so children can begin to understand the concept and value of being a team-player.


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Reading is a building-block for all other aspects of education and shapes future attitudes and success. We immerse the children in a print rich environment and provide opportunities for students to manipulate letters and words using magnetic letters, play dough, and wiki sticks to name a few. Students gather many times throughout the day to listen to stories and sing songs to promote fluency, build language, and increase comprehension. Our staff of Early Childhood professionals provide numerous hands on activities to promote letter identification, letter formation, and phonetic awareness.


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Art is an important tool for children to express themselves and experiment with creative exploration. Our students are given the opportunity to complete crafts, projects, and explore with a variety of different mediums and materials.


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Math presents an introduction to the basics of logic, recognizing and creating patterns, and provides practical skills for future learning. Our curriculum teaches the concepts of 1:1 correspondence, counting, number formation, skip counting, 2 dimensional shapes, and colors to name a few. Students are provided many opportunities for hands on learning of math concepts.


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Science provides a way to discover our surroundings through exploration and experimentation, and connects Reading, Art, and Math to build a solid foundation for learning. Our curriculum focuses on a different science concept each month. Experiments, projects, and crafts go hand in hand with the science curriculum.


We use positive reinforcement, redirection, and moral values to help guide our students. We encourage listening, sharing, taking turns, and cooperation. Building these social skills is imperative to success in the classroom and beyond. We at SACLC understand that a well-rounded child becomes an ambitious and enthusiastic learner. Three programs that set SACLC apart include our Christian Education, Spanish program, and Fitness program.

Christian Education

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We introduce our students to the stories in the Bible and how they teach us values like empathy and compassion. The children attend chapel weekly, where they pray for people in need. We also have periodic opportunities to give back to the communities we serve.


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We offer Spanish immersion lessons to provide a basic understanding of the language. These lessons aid in the development of communications skills and an awareness of cultural diversity.


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We believe a strong mind and a strong body go hand-in-hand. We offer activities that build strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. Games and activities are specially planned to improve coordination, team-building, and motor skills in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.